Wahl 1-8 SET Stainless Steel Guides/Metal Combs For KM2/KMSSKM5/KM10 Clippers

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Wahl’s Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Combs glide through all animal coat types with ease, giving you the longer cutting lengths needed to keep your pets looking their best. The attachment guide combs provide 8 additional cut lengths that let you keep up to 1 inch of hair. They are easy to attach to your Competition or Ultimate Competition blades and glide effortlessly through coats, leaving a smooth finish at the length you need. Each guide comb has smooth, rounded tips and will fit snug to the blade for safe, snag-free clipping.

The attachment guide combs are color-coded for easy reference and are available either individually or in one convenient 8-piece kit.

For best results, use the attachment guide combs with the Wahl #30 Competition or Ultimate Competition detachable blade.

Product Applications

Works on Wahl's KM Cordless™, KM10™, KM5™, KM2, KM2 Deluxe, Power Grip®, X-Block®, SS-Pro®, and Stable Pro® Plus clippers.

• 8 additional cut lengths from 1/8” to 1”

• Smooth tips for snag-free grooming

• Securely fits all four sides of the blade

• Color coded for easy reference

• For use with Wahl Competition and Ultimate Competition blade sets


3371-100 #5 - 1/8" cut length
3372-100 #4 - 1/4" cut length
3373-100 #2 - 3/8" cut length
3374-100 #1 - 1/2" cut length
3375-100 #0 - 5/8" cut length
3376-100 #A - 3/4" cut length
3377-100 #C - 7/8" cut length
3378-100 #E - 1" cut length

#1 - 3mm Cut, #2 - 6mm Cut, #3 - 10mm Cut, #4 - 12mm Cut, #5 - 16mm Cut, #6 - 19mm Cut, #7 - 22mm Cut, #8 - 25mm Cut,

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