Wahl ULTIMATE PET Blade #3F - 10mm - Competition Grooming Clipper KM2 - KMSS - KM5- KM10 - Oster- Andis

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#3F - 10mm Wahl Ultimate Medium Clipper Blade

Blades Features:

Made in the USA, the Wahl Ultimate Series Blades use a revised blade geometry to give fast
feeding and thus faster cutting. State of the art machinery finely calibrates the tension to reduce blade heat,
which creates superior blades that run cool and can match any other blade on the market.

Premium quality for high performance and long lasting durability. The blades use a precision-ground,
high carbon steel the blades stay sharper longer. Perfectly adjusted spring
setting provide constant clipping pressure while generating little heat.

Great Compatibility:

Not just suited for Wahl's KM-1, KM-2 , KM-5, KM-10 and KMSS CLIPPERS, these blades can also be used on
detachable blade CLIPPERS such as Andis, Oster A5 and Laube professional CLIPPERS.

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