Wahl Animal White/Orange 2-in-1 Flea & Finishing comb WE58913

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Wahl’s double-sided 2-in-1 comb flea & finishing comb allows you to maintain dog’s quality coat while eliminating fleas.


  • The flea comb is designed with ultra-fine stainless-steel teeth to prevent and help eliminate flea attacks. Use this side to detect and/or eliminate fleas and eggs in your dog’s coat. If fleas are present, dip the comb in a soapy solution after each pass to drown the fleas.
  • The finishing side features multi-level stainless-steel pins to comb out mats, tangles, and loose coat. Both combs give your dog a great overall grooming experience.
  • Regular combing will help enhance skin health and distribute natural oils throughout the coat.
  • With a soft non-slip grip handle, you can have full control and comfort whilst grooming. This brush is ideal for all size dogs.
  • Always clean your brush after each use. Remove the bulk of the hair and then soak for approximately 10 minutes in hot water with soap or a pet-safe disinfectant. Dry the brush and store away until next use.

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