Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo Concentrate - Coconut Lime Verbena 300ml

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Wahl’s Oatmeal Shampoo contains oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lemon verbena to soothe dry, itching, irritated skin. Healthy skin means a healthy coat and less shedding. The gentle formula has a rich lather and easy rinse to make bath time an easier time for both you and your dog. Plant based cleansers make Wahl’s Shampoo the choice for owners who want to avoid harsh chemicals for you and your dog.


  • Coconut Lime Verbena: This oatmeal formula is made with Coconut Lime Verbena, which helps to moisturise dry skin, as well as giving itch relief to your dog.
  • Coconut: Stimulates hair growth by moisturising. Adds shine and softness to the coat. Prevents breakage.
  • Lime Verbena: Removes recess oil and dirt. Detoxifies, brightens and soothes skin. Natural Lime fragrance
  • Concentrated Formula: Because our shampoo is a concentrate, apply a small amount to your dog’s coat. This saves you money and trips back to the shop!
  • Healthy Skin, Healthy Coat: A healthy skin makes for a healthy coat. The Four In One comprises of a thick lather that rinses clean, leaving your dog’s coat healthy, silky and smooth.

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